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 QSi Application Form..........Notes for Guidance

Please ensure that the application form is completed in full online. There are now two methods of payment for membership, prospective members can either pay online or send a printout of the remittance slip with a cheque for the appropriate level of membership required.

The QSi Accepts the following payment methods via Secure Trading      

In the event of Application Form submission problems, the completed application form may be submitted by Fax to Suzanne Cash on 01606 786698.

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Applicant's Declaration
I hereby apply online for membership of the QSi. As a Member of the QSi I undertake to comply with the Membership Rules and Regulations.
I declare that the statements on this form are true and I understand the references may be contacted.
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The QSi processes member information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. A copy of the full QSi Privacy Policy is available on request. Occasionally, where there is judged to be benefit to members, appropriate data may be passed to a third party.

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